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Now I have a new set of coasters...

Discovered this morning that the new pack of Maxell CD-R discs that I bought over the weekend doesn't play in my car's CD player, even though CD's from the old pack of Maxell CD-R discs that I've been using for years now played with no trouble at all. It's a pity that I burned 5 hours worth of audiobooks to disc before I figured this out.

A quick google suggests that my options are a) try burning the discs at a slower speed, and see if that helps or b) try different brands/sub-brands of CD-Rs until I find one that reliably works in my car stereo (and then buy a bunch of them).

Or there is option c) upgrade my car stereo system to one that has an iPod input, thus removing the need to burn stuff that I buy in MP3 format to audio CD in order to listen in the car. If I can do that without spending too much money, that might be the best option.
Tags: gadget freak, listening, the computer is your friend

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