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Smoke gets in your eyes (and up your nose)

So, some of you may have heard that California is on fire - earlier in the week, there were something like 842 separate wildfires burning in the state. Dry summer + unusual amounts of lightning = lots of fires.

We're not close enough to any of the fires to be in any sort of danger, but there's a definite haze in the air (leading to spectacular sunsets), and up in Palo Alto where I work, I've been able to smell smoke in the air whenever I'm outside.

And I think I can probably blame soot particles in the air for the bad case of itchy eyes, sore throat, and irritated sinuses I seem to have developed. Bleh. I'm trying to decide if I'd be better off skipping my usual daily walk today to reduce my exposure to particulates. I'm not sure how much it would help, and if I'm going to be itchy and irritable anyway, I'd just as soon get my walk in.

At least I can be glad that my house is not in danger of burning down. We'd never replace all the books.
Tags: acts of nature, burnination, life

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