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One of my oldest and best friends is visiting this week. We have been… 
28th-Jul-2008 10:34 pm
One of my oldest and best friends is visiting this week. We have been to five bookstores in the past 24 hours. I got a fairly good haul. I picked up The Rough Guide to Yosemite (we're headed there tomorrow), One Spice, Two Spice (a cookbook), Justina Robson's Living Next Door to the God of Love, M. John Harrison's Nova Swing, Graeme Harper's Calling the Shots, She Hulk: Laws of Attraction, and She Hulk: Planet Without a Hulk. And a copy of Doctor Who Magazine that came bundled with a Target novelization of Galaxy Four.

Don't think I'll be short on reading matter anytime soon.

We have also played Once Upon a Time, watched 2 stories' worth of The Tomorrow People, and visited my favorite coffee shop in Berkeley.

Tomorrow, as I said, we head for Yosemite. Assuming that it isn't burning down.
30th-Jul-2008 01:18 am (UTC)
I loved The Tomorrow People as a teen. Haven't seen it since. Does it hold up?

Just out of curiosity, didja pick up the issue of DWM at Comic Relief?
3rd-Aug-2008 05:08 am (UTC)
Some of The Tomorrow People holds up very well, some of it not as much.

We did go to Comic Relief, but if I remember correctly, I picked up the DWM at a Borders in south San Jose.
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