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Meme: Objects Around Us 
14th-Jul-2007 08:48 pm
Meme via frankwu, who is always surrounded by interesting things. I can't really compete, but here are a few of the more interesting things I can see on my desk at the moment:

  • Toy sonic screwdriver

  • Most recent issue of Locus magazine, a couple of issues of National Geographic, and a couple of issues of Cooking Light and Cook's Illustrated

  • A broken Kodak Easy Share digital camera

  • A handful of Doctor Who DVDs

  • My culinary "lab notebook" in which I jot down ideas about things I want to cook or recipes I'm inventing

  • A "vintage" (it's probably older than I am, but not actually antique) Parker 45 medium point fountain pen

  • A stack of assorted opened mail, waiting to be filed or shredded

  • A small assortment of CDs of BBC radio plays

  • A 5 port firewire hub, not connected to anything

  • A big floppy black suede hat

  • An iPod

  • A dozen blank notebooks of various shapes and sizes

I should do this from my desk at work on Monday, and compare and contrast.
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