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I promise my next post will not be about the economy...

...honestly, it's getting to be a bit of an overload - most of the news/current events podcasts I subscribe to can't seem to talk about anything but the economy. Still, while I still have so many questions about how we got here, how we're going to get out of it, and how bad it's going to get before we do, it's hard to stop listening.

A snippet of The California Report (I think) on KQED this morning suggested that testosterone may be the problem - it asserted (and I'm personally taking this with a huge pinch of salt until I've seen the real research) that female Wall St. traders are not nearly as susceptible to the sort of escalating risk-taking behavior that helps feed bubbles. The interviewer suggested that women ought to run Wall St., but I think we should go for a far more traditional solution: eunuchs.

Moving on from pop gender science to something entirely more serious, This American Life has produced the follow-up show to "The Giant Pool of Money": Another Frightening Show About the Economy. You can podcast/download it for free for the next week. I caught a bit of the broadcast of the show on Saturday - based on that small snippet, it sounds just as good as the previous show.

And if you really can't get enough financial analysis, the NPR business/financial correspondents who helped make "The Giant Pool of Money" and "Another Frightening Show About the Economy" have a daily podcast, Planet Money. I don't think this will be one that I permanently subscribe to, but I plan on dipping in to get there analysis of interesting events over the next few weeks.
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