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Latest victim of the global economy: my to-do list

So, for a good while now, I've been using an online service called Stikkit to manage my calendar/to-do list. It's a neat little service for a variety of reasons, but the three main reasons I like it are:

  1. It does a small amount of intelligent processing of what I type. So, for example, I can type, "Call John Smith on Monday," and it translates Monday to a calendar date of December 1, and, if I have a phone and address entered for John Smith in a separate entry, it hyperlinks to that.

  2. It's online, so I can get to it from any internet-enabled computer.

  3. It supports tagging, so if I just want to see items related to work, or items related to home, or errands I need to run, or whatever, I can do that easily.

Unfortunately, Values of n, the company that makes Stikkit, is shutting down. So, no more Stikkit after December 8. So, I need to find a replacement.

There's an online service called Remember the Milk that looks like it has most of the features that I valued in Stikkit. On the other hand, part of me is considering going back to pen and paper, on the grounds that the economy will have to get really bad before the paper mills shut down.

How do you all out there manage your to-do lists?
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