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Television fantasies, part 1139

So, I was browsing around on the BBC Shop website, and spied this big link for "In the Night Garden..." I had a brief tantalizing fantasy that the BBC had decided to do a lavish costume drama production of the first volume of Catherynne Valente's Orphan's Tales. And that they'd somehow made this, broadcast it, and released it on DVD without my having the slightest inkling. Then I clicked and discovered that "In the Night Garden..." is a kid's TV show with puppets, very charming I'm sure, but nothing to do with her Catherynneness. Sigh.

So, BBC, how about it? Valente's In the Night Garden as a six-part miniseries. Hipper than Neverwhere, sexier than Gormenghast! Go on, you know you want to.
Tags: paging the marquis de carabas, television

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