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A bunch of webcomics from the Potlatch graphic novels panel

The first panel I attended at this year's Potlatch convention was the graphic novels panel, moderated by Ursula LeGuin.

I went partly because I was curious about what Ursual LeGuin thought about graphic novels, and it turns out that Ursula LeGuin wanted to know what we all thought about graphic novels. We had a great big round of recommending titles, starting with the panelists and moving on to the audience.

As far as print comics go, the surprise for me was how few surprises there were in the titles people recommended. I think of myself as a fairly peripheral comics reader, but most of the recommended titles were either things I've read (Sandman, Bone) or things that I'm well aware that I probably should read (Persepolis, Maus, The Books of Magic.) One print title that I hadn't heard about was Eric Shanower's Age of Bronze, which tells the story of the Trojan war.

One of the panelists, Jenn Manley Lee, does a webcomic called Dicebox, and focused her part of the panel on webcomics. Now, I am familar with webcomics in the style of xkcd or Penny Arcade. But there are a whole bunch of comics in a much more narrative style, with much more elaborate artwork - the kinds of things we expect from comic books - which also use the potential of the web (animated gifs, hypertext) in interesting ways. I'm really looking forward to exploring some of these. Here's a list of some of the ones I noted down:

Dicebox (Site appears to be down at the moment.)
The Spiders (an exploration of the Afghan war in an alternate universe in which Al Gore became president). The link is to because the comic's site is definitely down at the moment.
Delta Thrives
Finder (I've read a couple of volumes of Finder in print. I either hadn't known or had forgotten that it's also on the web.)
The Right Number (Some neat interactivity in this one.)
Pup Ponders the Heat Death of the Universe
The Family Man
Of course, no discussion of online comics would be complete without Girl Genius

That's far from a complete list, but those were the ones that most caught my eye. I think someone compiled a more comprehensive list - I'll post a link if I can find it online.
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