wshaffer (wshaffer) wrote,

Whovian oddness

So, there's a BBC Radio Series called "Whatever Happened To...", where they do a mock documentary on the life of some well known fictional character and how they turned out. I've just heard the one about Susan, the Doctor's granddaughter (should be available to listen online for a few more days yet).

It's pretty funny, but slightly strange listening for a Doctor Who fan, because though I'm sure that there are many fannish theories (and possibly a few novels or audios) about what happened to Susan after she left the TARDIS, her returning to 1964 (by hitching a lift with her uncle Terry!) and getting locked up as a juvenile delinquent aren't usually among them. It's got a pretty amazing level of fannish obsessiveness, though, for something that's presumably aimed at a non-fan audience. I think the author manages to toss in a reference to nearly every story Susan appeared in. (He might have missed "The Sensorites". Or maybe I did.) His version of Barbara in later life is pretty rubbish, though.
Tags: doctorwho, listening, radio

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