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Books as personality tests...

So, according to rather charming chat between China Mieville and Ursula LeGuin on Radio 4 (I love the bit where she makes him tea, and they talk about PG Tips), "It's been said that you can tell a lot about someone by whether they prefer The Left Hand of Darkness or The Dispossessed."

When I first read both novels in my early teens, I liked both but unquestionably preferred The Dispossessed.

What do you suppose you can tell about me from that?

The most obvious thing that springs to mind is that when I was in my early teens I was far more obsessed with working out how I felt about politics and justice than how I felt about sex and gender. Strange but true.

My opinion might be different these days - I haven't reread The Dispossessed since I was a teenager, and it might look less eye-opening now.
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