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The weekend so far...

Daniel and I went to an Arabian-Nights-themed host-a-murder party last night. (He playing Abdullah, a poor innocent fisherman who is accused of murder; I playing his wife, Fatima.) A good time was had by all. I can remember a time when doing any sort of improvisational acting, even on such a small scale, would have rooted me to the spot with terror. I guess maybe I have grown up a bit! (The hosts also gave me a good part for a first-timer, since all I really had to do was proclaim my husband's innocence at every available opportunity. And if I got really stuck, I'd just ask people if they wanted to buy fish.)

Today I'm heading up to San Francisco to meet one of my Clarion West classmates who is in town. And it's the Gay Pride parade today. How crowded will San Francisco be on Gay Pride parade day? Guess I'm about to find out.
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